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Counter Tops

Granite vs. Quartz


Quartz and granite are cut, fabricated and installed the same. The only difference is in the material cost.  Quartz is roughly 20% more expensive than low-end granite.


Granite is a solid piece of rock taken out of the ground and cut into blocks of stone and processed into slabs, tiles, and more. Granite is a product of Mother Nature; nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, each product is entirely unique and has various prices ranges. Quartz, on the other hand, is around 93% granite and quartz materials ground up and mixed with about 7% epoxy resin and color pigment. Essentially, it is a mixture of crushed stone and man-made products produced in a factory. Thus, it is not as unique and prices tend to be “set in stone,” so to speak.
In terms of maintenance, quartz products have a slight advantage over granite. Quartz does not require sealing, whereas granite owners should seal their product once every 3-5 years. However, all it really takes to seal granite is a simple wipe on liquid that you let sit for 10 minutes then wipe off. It’s very easy to do! F & M seals all natural stone products with  Dry Treat Stain-proof. Dry Treat Stain-proof provides a 15 year warranty for all natural stone products sealed by F & M. Customers will automatically be enrolled with Dry Treat for the warranty.
Because quartz products contain about 7% plastic, they tend to stain less easy than granite. However, because of this plasticity, quartz products are easier to scratch. In terms of heat, granite has the upper-hand as it can withstand up to 450 degree temperatures, whereas quartz peaks out at 300 degrees.
Granite consists of natural blemishes and surface irregularities. Granite is available in hundreds of color variations. There are also unlimited edge designs and granite counter tops can be matched with numerous sink styles and brands. In addition, granite comes in a number of finished styles including antiqued, flamed, honed, leather, polished, thermal, and tumbled.
Quartz products are generally more uniform in pattern and have limited variations in color. However, they also have unlimited edge designs and can be matched to essentially all sink styles and brands. Typically, quartz will come in either a leather or polished finished.
They are very comparable products. Go for the look you like and enjoy!