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Marble - Soapstone - Slate

Marble Countertop PROS

• Beauty - Classic, timeless beauty, and a warmness not available in granite or quartz.

• Cool Temperature - Marble is wonderful for working with pastry, since it is naturally cool and it doesn't conduct heat very well.

• Cost - While some rarer types of marble are very expensive, the more common White Carrera marble is one of the least expensive natural countertops. 

• Widely available - Unlike some quartzes and the hard-to-find quartzite, marble is available from nearly any stone yard.

Unique look - No stone slab is identical to another. Natural stone can create a kitchen that can be uniquely yours.

Caring for your countertops

Available edge profiles

Marble Countertop CONS

• Scratching - Marble can scratch easily, especially when touched for a long period of time by something acidic. A slice of lemon laid down on a polished countertop overnight can leave a mark in the shape of the lemon slice, duller than the surface around it.

• Staining - Marble can also stain; red wine and some fruits are infamous for leaving indelible stains on the marble.

Marble tops develope a patina of use over the years. If the look of a rustic and warm surface is what you want then marble may be for you. If you want them perfectly glossy all the time, then perhaps not.

Don't forget the option of honed countertops. The more matte and less shiny finish that comes from abrading the stone can be much more kitchen-friendly.