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Quartz Gallery

Dine sophisticated without worries when the Merlot spills -  quartz kitchens dazzle your guests.  F & M Tile and Terrazzo supplies quartz counter tops in an array of styles from top brands like Caesar Stone, Difiniti, HanStone and Silestone.

Lasting Impressions:

Quartz generally resists stains and is hard like a diamond.  It makes an elegant statement in a variety of venues.  Consider the impact of quartz kitchens, quartz bathrooms, quartz sunroom surrounds, and quartz table tops to add that million dollar sparkle.

The Million Dollar Look Without Breaking the Mint:

Let it be a secret that luxury is this affordable in new quartz kitchens, quartz counter tops, or quartz bathrooms.  This manmade product uses quartz chips to hold colors consistent through the years, and is reasonably priced.


Quartz is crystallized silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is usually white or transparent, although it can be found in other colors if it comes into contact with impurities during its formation.It is found either in a pure state or present in other compounds. However, because of its extreme hardness and resistance to acids, it is used to make a large variety of products that require precision and top-quality performance.

Caring for your countertops 

Available edge profiles