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Terrazzo Designs for Durable Floor Surfaces:

Your observant eye notices terrazzo in high traffic areas- airports, convention centers, hospitals, schools, stadiums, libraries, retail buildings, and religious institutions.  Fort Wayne floors, Ohio floors, Michigan floors, and floors everywhere abound in terrazzo’s lasting mark.  In addition, residences seek out terrazzo suppliers and installers to beautify outdoor gardens and create indoor durable floor surfaces and shower areas.  Your imagination is boundless with F & M.

Terrazzo is a cast-in-place mosaic made of stone, plastic, metal, or glass chips held together with an epoxy, cement, or polyacrylate matrix.  The compound is then ground, grouted, and polished for a lifetime, durable floor surface.

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Tips for care and maintenance of your terrazzo


Cost Effective: Terrazzo pays for itself over 15-20 years.  Carpet wears out.  Terrazzo doesn’t.

Low Maintenance: Terrazzo is easy to maintain.  Just use a dust mop for light cleanup.  Terrazzo is the lowest maintenance durable floor surface that you can buy!

Green: Terrazzo’s environmentally sound, durable floor surfaces offer more LEED credits than any other material you can add to your building (up to 4 LEED credits out of 24)!

Design: F & M's suppliers and terrazzo installers create a plethora of designs limited only by your imagination!

Beautiful: Terrazzo’s countless colors, seamless surfaces, and grout-free joints offer beauty with ten times the strength of concrete.  Zinc, aluminum, or brass terrazzo dividers can create unique logos, lettering, or graphics.

Contact us at (260) 483-6389 to learn more about terrazzo floor surfaces.  For Fort Wayne floors, durable floor surfaces throughout the Midwest, terrazzo suppliers, or terrazzo installers, F & M has an expert waiting to assist.